The project nature of this exhibition is well reflected in the decision for the periodical form as an accompanying publication. Given that this is a travelling exhibition, the question also arises as to how far the discursive dynamic of its evolution can be maintained beyond the period of the first showing in Vorarlberg and how far it will be possible to respond to the reactions and feedback from the various venues and to make active use of this input.


So as to do justice to these concerns, we will devise, in addition to the in-depth reports on the thematic areas of this exhibition, an appropriate form to facilitate the productive use of feedback and to regularly update the exhibition itself.

Published by Birkhäuser under the series title Getting Things Done: Evolution of the Built Environment in Vorarlberg, the magazine will run to as many as ten issues over the exhibition’s expected lifetime of five years.

Together with Clemens Theobert Schedler we defined the parameters that ensure that form and content merge in a both practicable and timeless symbiosis, that the visual and haptic singularity of each issue make it pleasurable to look at and use, and that the collected work of ten issues (for now) will make a complete whole. In addition, it is important to design the visual idiom of the magazine, the exhibition and the website consistently. This means that it is possible to entrust young graphic designers with the next issues, as fixed parameters permit sufficient design flexibility for the individual interpretation of specific tasks.

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