Set Photography

The interviews we┬┤ve conducted, amount to a collection of a total of seventy films by the end of 2014, which, with only few exceptions, were all made in the private houses and apartments of the interviewees. The photo series that were made in the course of the interviews at these locations, very eloquently reflect the vivid diversity of these source materials for contemporary history.

Selected and Shot

This photo series has been done by Gerhard Klocker especially for the second issue of our magazine. It is a visual portrait of a cultural landscape with twenty-four selected motifs that present both the generic and the specifically local with a balanced light touch, indicating the existing fault lines in a dynamic economic region.

Lost & Found

Have a look at our ongoing collection of photographs, which various team members have taken at every stage of this exhibition in the making. As the tour is about to unfold, we continue to deliver. However, it is quite likely that you come to see some of these images on our various our social media channels, where we hope to see you in the near future!